Il team

Ottavia Pittaluga

+14 years of experience in e-commerce development and marketing strategies for SMEs. +Google Digital Accelerator in 2019 with a client company. +Emerging Talent at Startupbootcamp Fashion Tech 2021 with Shopthelook. +Member of the Meta Leaders Network since 2020. Speaker for Gather 2022 Meta. Member of the SMB Innovation Committee at Meta (Menlo Park)

Lorenzo-Vittorio Pittaluga

  • Winner of Euroflora 2019 (Architecture Competition).
  • 7 years of experience as a 3D modeler and retail designer.
  • Featured in Architectural Digest.
  • 6 years of experience in 3D architectural modeling with CBRE SPA Milan (Renzo Piano Building Workshop, etc.).
  • 3D Modeler and Renderer at NOOKTA Architekturvisualisierungen GbR in Darmstadt, Germany.

Roberto Pittaluga

A former professor in Architecture, one of the first in Italy, teaching CAD software.

Pioneer of 3D technologies (since 1990), he is a beta tester for tens of 3D software and startups in the field of architecture.

He leads a group of +7000

3D modelers in Italy

Giovanni De Grandi

Self-employed architect & archviz freelance

+ 10 Years in architecture, interior & product design

+ 7 Years collaborating with AF*517 Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia (formerly 5+1AA)

interior designer, product designer & visualizer

Image production Manager & Head of 3D Department at AF*517

Web Designer

3D artist



Crystal Padoan

Master degree in product and event design,

Just after publishing her master’s thesis on e-commerce in the metaverse, and presenting Shopthelook as a case study, Crystal immediately joined the team as an apprentice, astonishing everyone with her quick learning abilities and her skill in translating her creative thinking into vector mathematics.


Mirza Saad Baig

Masters in Data Science and Engineering

Bachelors in Computer Engineering

With over 5 years of experience in game development, He specializes in creating cutting-edge XR marketing applications. Saad has played a pivotal role in gamifying challenges, leveraging his expertise in Unity3D and Unreal Engine to develop immersive VR games and simulations.

Teresa Trovatelli

Master degree in product and event design,

Just after publishing her master’s thesis on Artificial Intelligence applied at product and fashion design with Accenture, Teresa immediately joined the team.